Dervish in progress

Saturday 9.07.2016
“No Limits” Dance School

PLN 150 / five-day class

*discount ticket
Brave Academy
Phot. Mateusz Bral
Ziya Azazi

This workshop suggests a space for the participants where they can challenge their limits through whirling, stimulate their ability for the thrift of bodily energy, and through these abilities reach their goal movement within their own genre, spending less energy, with a higher level of awareness. Whirling is not the main objective of this workshop.

The greater goal is to improve one’s physical, emotional and mental awareness through whirling and the exercises prior to that. It leads the participants to perceive and accept what is befalling throughout whirling, and reach an innovative movement by means of whirling.

Participants should provide the instructor with succeeding information: name, date of birth, profession, health conditions. The instructor will be paying individual attention to each person, considering his or her limits, knowledge and Interests. Please send those information on with subject “Ziya Azazi - informations”.
Workshops are open for all.
Workshops lasts five days.

Date: 5-9 Jul 2016, 10:00-13:00
Duration of 1 class: 180 min.
Language of the workshops: English

Important – after buying the ticket please send us an email ( with your name, surname, title of the workshop and day of the workshop you are going to participate.

Please remember to take your printed ticket to the workshop.


Ziya Azazi - was born in 1969 in Antakya, Turkey. Since 1994 he has been based in Vienna, Austria. In 1999 he began to self-study the traditional dance of the Sufis (whirling dervishes) and has choreographed many interpretations on this theme as seen in his solos Work in Progress I (2001, VIENNA), and Work in Progress II (2003, Vienna). He integrated two of his solo pieces, Dervish in Progress (2004 / Barcelona) and ’Azab (2005 / Sao Paulo) into the full-program performance Dervish and it has been performed worldwide. Ziya Azazi shared his experiences and knowledge with public in academic and non‐academic settings. He has given workshops in over 20 countries.