The Human Library

Saturday 2.07.2016
Brave Academy
Source: The Human Library

We invite everyone to a space where there are no wrong questions, where everyone has a right to be who they are, where we get the courage to speak face to face with someone we don't know.

Now, maybe even more than before, we need space where we all can meet together, open up, listen, stay quiet, learn not to judge, to understand and to accept.

Event organised by Diversja Association and Brave Festival - Against Cultural Exile 2016 "Outcasts" give you a unique chance to meet the Human Books such as Atheist, Ex-Prisoner, Black Person, Deaf-blind Person, Refugee, Person on a wheel-chair, Jewish man.

Visit Impart on 2nd of July 2016 and give yourself a chance to open up on magnificent otherness which makes our world a more intriguing place.