Daniel's World

Tuesday 5.07.2016
Lower Silesia Film Centre, room Lwów

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dir. Veronika Lisková, Czech Republic, 2015, 75 min.

Not every “bad touch” is driven by paedophilia – many sexual acts between adults and minors happen because children are easier targets of manipulation and a means of satisfying one's sexual needs. On the other hand, not every paedophile is a child molester. Daniel's World addresses a sensitive problem, a taboo, showing the difference between the sexual abuse of minors and paedophilia as a disorder of sexual preference that one is able control. The titular Daniel is trying to do just that. He is an average 25-year-old who is diagnosed with atypical preferences by a sexologist. In her documentary, Veronika Lisková refrains both from judging the main character and from showing any shocking images. Instead, she offers an observation of a student from Prague and his daily life, his struggle with loneliness while making attempts to find his place within society. Daniel's World provides a view on paedophilia that has never been shown in theatres before.

Film with English subtitles.