Relaxation and Creativity Using the Tara Rokpa Method

Monday 4.07.2016
“No Limits” Dance School

30 zł / 1 class
75 zł / 4 classes

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Brave Academy
Edie Irwin

Tara Rokpa Therapy is based on the principle that the human mind carries its own dignity and healing capacity which can never be permanently damaged or destroyed. Workshops of Relaxation and Creativity, grown in the Tara Rokpa Way, are concentrated on visualizations to heal both body emotions and mind. With the help of Edie Irwin and by choosing colors and making marks participants will be able to guide their own life and better understand themselves. Thanks to the workshops there will be possibility to understand better the Tara Rokpa Way.

The workshops will be sequential, but it is not necessary to participate in all sessions.

PASS for 4 classes / PLN 75

Duration of 1 class: 180 min
Date: 4 Jul 2016, 13:30-16:30; 5-7 Jul 2016, 10:00-13:00
Language of the workshops: English

Important – after buying the ticket please send us an email ( with your name, surname, title of the workshop and day of the workshop you are going to participate.

Please remember to take your printed ticket to the workshop.


Edie Irwin. M.A., TRTA, UKCP - she began her work of unifying an interest in the arts with a wish to help people with mental problems, East and West, in the early 1970's when she began to practice  Buddhist Meditation as well as to learn a  Community based approach to healing the mind.  In the 70's she studied and worked with R.D Laing and the Philadelphia Association in London and Soteria House in California looking into alternative ways to work with individuals in crisis. From 1980 she studied with the late Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche at the Samye Ling Centre in Scotland, helping to develop a compassion-based method of psychotherapy (Tara Rokpa Therapy) designed to balance and protect the body/mind as well as to heal it. Currently she is based in Edinburgh as a director of Tara Trust, a therapeutic charity founded by Akong Rinpoche, and a a trainer in the Tara Rokpa Group Psychotherapy Training.  She practices psychotherapy locally and internationally.


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