Brave Contexts

What is the Brave Contexts section? It can be treated as an introduction to individual elements of this year’s festival programme. A series of eight meetings about books which correspond with the events planned for the 13th edition of Brave has been devised to show the audience the broadest perspective and answer at least a few of the questions asked by the viewers.


How do the Contexts correspond with the core of the festival? Both thematically, geographically and with respect to current important civilizational problems hidden under the title “Visible/Invisible”. In this sense various forms of exclusion, disability, climate change, civil disobedience, different forms of otherness, art shadowed by war or destitution and political persecution in artistic experience interweave each other. Each of these problems is clearly present in the literature introduced in Contexts.

However, the link between the eight books from this section and Brave’s core might not be so obvious, and we will learn its nature during meetings with extraordinary guests and translators. What does Dygot, a well-known debut novel by Jakub Małecki, have to do with Tanzania, or Marcin Popkiewicz - with the dwellers of the Colombian village of Las Pavas? How topical today is Tadeusz Dębicki`s Moienzi Nzadi. U wrót Konga published 90 years ago? To what extent is the impressive publication Regaining presence. Disability in theatre and performance (Odzyskiwanie obecności. Niepełnosprawność w teatrze i performansie) ground-breaking for disability studies in Poland? These are just a few of the questions to be asked here.
It is also worth paying attention to Contexts thanks to the names, titles and personalities leading the planned meetings – as well as live contact with literature. Extracts from selected books will be read before each meeting. The esteemed theatrical actress, Ewa Skibińska, will make us listen to the Visibility/Invisibility of this year’s edition of Brave Festival much more carefully.


Curators of Brave Contexts

Grzegorz Czekański

Karol Pęcherz