Alison Bomber | The power of your voice

Saturday 14.07.2018
running time:
3 h
AST National Academy of Theatre Arts, Braniborska 59

100 - 120 PLN 

WORKSHOPS Brave Academy
Wielka Brytania

Workshop run by a voice and text work teacher with many years of acting and vocal experience gained at the best world theatre institutions, cooperating with, among others, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Song of the Goat Theatre. She will help you discover the power and potential of your own voice while working on Shakespeare’s texts. The participants will learn how to make their vocal expression more distinctive and how Shakespeare himself used to employ language to give actors tips on their characters.
As part of the workshop, connections between imagination, voice and body will be investigated. Working in groups on selected fragments of Shakespeare’s texts, the participants will have an opportunity to experience how sound, rhythm and the author’s rhetorical devices influence both the speaker and the listener. Thus they will help not only to understand the text, but also to communicate the content and look for a live organic connection with the language.

The techniques, used to investigate how words become physical and musical, can be used in one’s native language after the workshop. 

Requirements: communicative level of English to follow the teacher’s instructions.

Run by: Alison Bomber
14th –15th July 2018, 14:00–17:00

The sign-up period lasts until 10th July subject to availability of places. Number of participants limited.

sign-up until 30th June for a 2-day workshop (3 hrs a day) – PLN 100
sign-up until 10th July for a 2-day workshop (3 hrs a day) – PLN 120

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