Saturday 14.07.2018
running time:
88 min
Lower Silesia Film Centre, room Warszawa, Piłsudskiego 64a

10*/15 PLN 

BRAVE: forbidden CINEMA
dir. John Trengove, South Africa/Germany/France/Holland 2017

Veiled in mystery, a ritual of male initiation called ulwaluko exists to this day in South Africa. Nelson Mandela described his own experience of it in his autobiography. In John Trengove’s film debut the guide who leads young boys through this ritual is Xolani. Originally from Johannesburg, Kwanda is his new charge, sent to the forest by his father, who was worried about his son’s “excessive softness”. However, the boy rebels against the ceremony which, in his opinion, has nothing to do with the modern big-city world. He also questions his guide’s intentions – he knows well that Xolani is far from traditional masculinity, if anything like this exists... Only men who have undergone the initiation themselves starred in the film. In his review of the film, Bartosz Żurawiecki wrote: ”Trengove watches all this like a dispassionate anthropologist. He introduces various conflicts into the plot. Also the one resulting from the clash between »black traditions« and »white decadence«. The opposition rooted in racial divisions and the history of apartheid. But he does not dig deeper, he also does not make us take a stand. Unless it is a voyeurist perspective, viewing secret rituals and forbidden love”. Last year The Wound opened the Panorama section at the Berlinale, but in South Africa it received a hostile reception. There were protests in front of the cinemas where the film was screened and the crew had to hide in fear of acts of violence.

Movie in Xsosa, Afrikaans, English with Polish subtitles.



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