Brave Festival wyruszy w poszukiwanie złotego ziarna!

20.06.2016, 17:28

You can still register your team for a charity urban game "Golden Grain" organized by Brave Festival and Wroclaw City Games. The game will take place on June 26 in Szczytnicki Park. Start from 12:00 at the entrance to the Japanese Garden. The game will last until 16 p.m. At the end you will enjoy a colorful surprise prepared by Brave Kids.

The story of the Golden Grain is a legend passed on in our settlement in a low voice from generations. Each year the bravest explorers are sent to face the unknown. This time the future of the whole tribe depends on their actions. We invite you to participate in a story that is full of crazy adventures, African legends, and great fun. Will something beautiful grow out of this little grain? Be BRAVE and go on a quest for the golden grain!


The game is prepared in a way to entertain both adults and children under supervision.

You can join in teams of 3 to 5 participants, by writing an e-mail (with Złote Ziarno in the subject line and information on team name and its members in the body) at:


The game is intended for great fun, but also as a support and promotion of the operations of ROKPA, an international charity organization.

BraveFestival will pass all revenue from the game to ROKPA, an organization helping poor and orphaned children in Tibetan part of China.