Brave Festival 2016 - let's look back!

22.08.2016, 16:35
phot. Mateusz Bral

117 events took place

We hosted 87 artists from Poland, India, Palestine, Syria, Malaysia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Israel, and Spain

The audience exceeded 18,000 viewers

Our volunteers collected an additional amount of PLN 8,065.43 PLN, which was donated to the Foundation “Children's Hospice in Wroclaw”
This year, a program of accompanying events constituted a very important element of Brave Festival. Their innovative form allowed for reaching beyond the barrier of the stage. During the events such as Human Library, Brave Meetings or Brave Academy, the participants had a chance to meet the artists and the excluded ones, to listen to what they had to say, and to ask questions, thus breaking the borders and fighting prejudices and stereotypes.

A big thrill was also raised by this year's refreshed edition of BRAVE: Forbidden CINEMA film preview, which — for the first time in the history of the festival — included a competition. The winner of a EUR 4,000 Audience Award was a Guatemalan director, Jayro Bustamante, for his “Ixcanul¨. He decided to use the money to build a first arthouse in Guatemala. The remaining sections, showing 40 movies from all over the world, also gathered a lot of viewers. This year's BRAVE: Forbidden CINEMA preview gathered in total over 3,600 people.

This particular edition also included some exceptional prizes. Grzegorz Bral, Artistic Director of the festival, for the first time granted as many as four Safona's Prizes (Nagroda Safony) in the following categories: Aktywista (Activist) — Lea Wyler, Człowiek Mediów (Media Man) — Katarzyna Stoparczyk, Twórca (Creator) — Jacek Petrycki) and Promotor (Promoter) — Paweł Potoroczyn. These distinguished creators have been supporting Brave Festival for many years. They selflessly direct the flow of marginalized culture to our consciousness.

12th edition of Brave Festival was dedicated to groups subjected to social marginalization, which can be understood in a variety of ways. During this particular edition, these exceptional artists demonstrated that art may change one's exclusion.

Thank you that you were with us!