13th edition of Brave Festival is getting closer

13.04.2018, 22:49
What this year's festival will look like? We are preparing some novelties and Brave as always will unveil a piece of cultural diversity of the world. You will soon find out where we will go this time.

First of all, Brave Festival constitutes a vision - we are always concentrated on a art which open up to new experiences, reflections and cultural diversity of the world. This part will definitely remain unchanged: the artists, who will come to Wroclaw this year, will take us on a journey which otherwise will never be possible for us. You will soon find out next unique  image of Brave Festival 2018. 

Fornow the prose of life is keeping us busy. Festival from the kitchen means a lot of technical details. We are assembling our team, fixing all tasks, sending messaged to the other side of the globe. Moreover, we are planning some changes in a festival program. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to track both our website and Facebook fanpage. There we will step by step reveil information aboot this year's edition of Brave Festival.