We know the topic of this year`s edition of Brave Festival!

18.04.2018, 11:58
Meninas de Sinha, phot. Raquel Mendes

As early as in July Brave Festival returns to Wrocław. Another edition of this event will this time be held under the title "Visible/Invisible". Between 13th and 22nd July the audience will once again hear the voice of artists from all over the world, whose artistic output draws our attention to global ills of the modern world.

Since its onset, the festival highlights the difficulties faced by communities worldwide. It will be no different this time, which is reflected in the edition`s title "Visible/Invisible". The Wrocław audience will watch extraordinary artists who create extremely important art, yet marginalized in the mainstream culture. They are often true heroes of the modern world who, through their activities, truly trigger social changes.

The 13th edition of the event will be opened by the performance of the Syrian Expat Philharmonic Orchestra, established by professional musicians who were forced to leave their homeland and live in Europe due to the ongoing military conflict.

Their work is an attempt to fight to preserve their identity and national cultural output. Guests at this year`s edition will be, known to the audience since 2012, the energetic women from the Brazilian group Meninas de Sinha. And we will soon be revealing other festival artists.

Like every year there will also be accompanying events: Brave Meetings or Brave Forbidden Cinema Film Review, which has already grown to be a separate event.