The press conference is already past us. The festival starts very soon!

11.07.2018, 17:00

We organised the meeting with the media at Barbara, where we had an opportunity to introduce this year’s festival and its artists to the public. The conference was attended by SEPO (Syrian Expat Philharmonic Orchestra).


Brave Festival originator and director Grzegorz Bral stressed that this year’s edition is a comeback to the event’s roots: – It’s a festival about people who we need to talk about and who are worth showing - a festival for a brave audience, one that’s ready to confront stereotypes. Each of the 11 events of this year’s programme touches on a certain stereotype.


The members of SEPO talked about the idea behind their orchestra. – It connects musicians who are trying to find their place very far away from their home. It gives back a little bit of dignity to them - a little bit of their identity and at least a part of their former lives.  Also important to us is that thanks to the orchestra we can cultivate the traditions of Syrian music dating back as long as two thousand years – said the founder and artistic director of the orchestra Raed Jazbeh in the meeting.


SEPO, along with Wrocław’s Leopoldinum Orchestra, will perform at the opening of Brave Festival 2018 as soon as on Friday, at 7 pm in Wrocław Opera.

We look forward to seeing you there!