Brave Festival 2018 - opening weekend

16.07.2018, 15:34

Performances and concerts at the opening weekend meant Brave Festival in its best guise. Find out more!

At the beginning of the festival, SEPO (Syrian Expat Philharmonic Orchestra) along with the musicians of the NFM Leopoldinum Orchestra combined two musical worlds. What we heard at Wrocław Opera was a mixture of the oriental verve and symphonic sounds, and pieces by Polish composers, as well as modern instruments and traditional ones, such as the bouzouki. The concert and the atmosphere among the audience and the musicians were truly unique.

Next, ILL-Abilities, an international group of disabled break-dancers presented a brilliant display of first-rate acrobatics. Their motto, which is “No excuses, no limits”, took a very real shape on the stage. The dancers’ exceptional energy and personality captivated the audience right from the first minutes and the weekend performances.

In addition, there were two performances by Alessandro Schiattarella, a very skilled dancer suffering from a disease weakening the strength of his muscles. His act attracted the audience’s attention with his artistry, unconventional expressiveness and choreography using movement, light, and sound.

The première of the show entitled “Requiem for Alcaraván” by the Mexican performer Lukas Avendaño, revolving around the mysterious third sex originating from the culture of the Zapotec Indian people, may have come as a surprise. First, the performance features excellent rhythm - not only thanks to the Latin American music. The artist shows traditional rituals as if in short pictures but in a very evocative manner, with moments of calm or narrative intertwined with vigorous dance. There is something more to add flavour to this unusual act - selected members of the audience play intriguing roles in the ceremonies.  The second show starts today at 0615 pm at Scena na Świebodzkim.