Brilliant final moments of Brave Festival 2018!

23.07.2018, 15:33

Brave Festival, in its best guise, is already over now. The performers of Kenya’s Ghetto Classics accompanied by Radzimir Dębski - JIMEK, the musicians of the National Forum of Music, and students of music academies played a concert at Capitol - one to be long-remembered, just like the whole, eventful 13th edition of Brave Festival.

In the first part, the musicians performed seven pieces of music. With each one, the audience’s enthusiasm grew, and after the fourth - the performers received a standing ovation. In this part, Jimek played the drums and piano, while taking over the conductor’s duties in the second part,  which he started along with Elisabeth Njoroge, the founder of Ghetto Classics. It should be pointed out that while she began the project with 14 children, there are now as many as 1.2 young musicians involved in the initiative. 

Radzimir Dębski emphasised that the second part of the final concert meant to him reliving one of the most important performances in his life - the concert which he and the Ghetto Classics orchestra played in Kenya. One of the pieces was his own composition entitled “The History of Hip Hop”. The energy on stage infected the audience - it was a perfect summary of the festival.

In the spirit of Brave Festival’s tradition, all proceeds from ticket sales, including the film review, will go to charity. This year, the amount is an impressive 150 thousand PLN. Thank you very much!