Brave Academy is a common name for educational activities taking place during Brave Festival and Brave Kids. Sharing our knowledge has always been one of the most important goals for hosting the festival. That's why every year we try to include more and more initiatives focused around learning in our program.

Brave Academy is all about the educational activities, workshops and ecological integration.

The former means primarily conferences, co-organized with the Institute of Cultural Studies at the University of Wroclaw, who has been accompanying Brave Festival since 2015. Researchers and practitioners discuss different matters, which are the main topics of each edition of our festival. This year they will be talking about different aspects of exclusions.

Workshops were a part of Brave Festival from the very start. However, this year we have more than ever. We invited artists, who will show how differently you can understand the body, movement and music, often using a cultural and traditional context of the areas they call home.

We develop integration projects primarily through "Brave Together - a creative, integrating project", which aims to include people with physical and intellectual disabilities in cultural activities.

Since 2015 we have been actively promoting eco-initiatives by planting trees in Wroclaw. Until now, with the help of residents of Wroclaw, who want to preserve the environment, we managed to plant over 5,000 trees.

We use Brave Academy to expand and strengthen our efforts within the framework of Brave Festival and Brave Kids. Thanks to them, we can change the space surrounding us.