Brave Together

Creative Integration Project

"Brave Together - Creative Integration Project" is a multi-level project launched in 2016 and addressed to various groups of recipients, including groups of people with disabilities, non-disabled participants, therapists, organizers and workshops leaders that aims to integrate them through artistic activities and facilitating access to culture for people with disabilities. The project was prepared in relation to different activities of the Song of Goat Association, including the performances of the Song of the Goat Theater, Brave Festival - Against Cultural Exile and Brave Kids.

Through "Brave Together" we want to make a real change of the situation that excludes people with disabilities and to engage them in educational, cultural and creative activities in cooperation with non-disabled people active on various levels of the project, from participation in workshops to running them. Preparing a special program of workshops and meetings will give participants a chance to become a real participant in the project based on their own experience and skills.

Phot. Jerzy Wypych

During the project participants will work in a group of 20 people, of which 10 are those with disabilities, and 10 - those without them. Together they will learn the tools of artistic expression, meet with inspiring guests invited to the Association's events, and then create their own final show. "Brave Together" consists of an integration part, a workshop part conducted by experts in specific forms of creativity, part of artistic events, an integration trip and finally a part focused on creative work of project participants. The final of the project will be a public presentation of their work in the autumn 2018 and a publication prepared later.

Do you want to take part in our project? Fill in REKRUITMENT FORM! We will wait for applications until May 25, 2018.

More information: HERE.

Phot. Jerzy Wypych

Phot. Paweł Frenczak

Take a look on the GALLERIES from 2016 and 2017.


The project was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.