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against everything and everyone


A revolution in the Brave Festival’s film section. Heeding the title of this year’s edition: “Outcasts”, we focus on forbidden films and ones presenting banned practices, rituals and feelings. We present films in four sections, and each of them tells a different story, concentrated around values which are close to the festival’s spirit: openness, dialogue, presenting endangered cultures and attitudes. Even if it is against everything and everyone.

We are introducing an element of competition – this year we will have the debut of the competition section. In this section, we will see 7 pearls of the world’s cinematography carefully selected from world festivals, created in different parts of the globe, from Guatemala to Mali. These titles, which have not been shown in wide distribution in Poland yet, and which speak about cultural taboo issues and bans, will compete for a prize of the value of  €4000. And it is you – the Brave audience, who will decide which one of them will be the winner, by voting after the show. We will also have a chance to talk to the directors at various meetings and debates.
The 7 films presented in the Forbidden Love section depict different dimensions of forbidden love. You will find here hard eroticism, pictures of individuals fighting for survival in the world from which they have been outcast, but also beautiful love stories. We are also proud of the organization of the first Polish retrospectives of Lou Ye – a defiant Chinese director, whose every new picture is a sensation: both at international festivals, in Cannes, Berlin, Venice or Rotterdam and in his home country, where most of his works remain banned as they raise the government’s opposition. BRAVE: Forbidden CINEMA is a unique opportunity to understand the phenomenon of the director of such intense works, that it is impossible to forget them.
There will also be a review of less known Polish “półkowniki / shelved films” – films banned from distribution by the censorship of the People’s Republic of Poland. Finally, we will be able to see masterpieces of Polish cinematography, which have been kept on shelves way too long, in the place where they belong – on the silver screen. We will also show the world’s first legendary banned film, i.e. Purity of 1916 directed by Rae Berger. Earlier, it used to shock by bold erotic scenes. Will it make the festival’s audience blush today also?
We believe that BRAVE: Forbidden CINEMA will be a feast for everyone who wants to discover brave films from different parts of the world, created in various languages and techniques, presenting less or more distant cultures, unknown stories and interesting phenomena. What is most important though is not what Brave’s films show, but how they do it. First of all, they stand out in their search for the ideal form, artistic skill and courage in expressing an own identity.

Adam Kruk and Lech Moliński
BRAVE Curators: forbidden CINEMA