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What is the soul of a Brave Volunteer? Positively oriented to life, willing to act, full of energy, with honest affection for their fellow man and ready to dedicate a little free time. These are the qualities we do not often notice on an everyday basis, but which are, in a sense, inside every one of us. Willingness to share your skills with the world and being a Brave Festival volunteer is without a doubt the adventure of a lifetime! 

So far more than 800 volunteers have cooperated with us. It is largely thanks to them that Brave Festival has gained its unique character. Help is needed on many festival fronts: in the festival centre, club, cinema, office, with technical support, logistics and promotion, as well as taking care of the festival guests. This year’s programme comprises concerts, performances, discussions, meeting with artists, workshops and exhibitions, and film screenings. 

The idea behind Brave Festival is to present cultures and traditions from all over the world, which, despite their unique character and high artistic value, are still unknown to the wider audience. People who get involved in volunteering support this idea and want to “invest” a part of themselves to spread it. They do it for numerous reasons: belonging to a group of people of action, inner satisfaction, a desire to help others, new experiences and skills which can be used in professional development. In return for their commitment and work, volunteers get the opportunity to participate in workshops which help build their qualifications, participate in the events, and have direct contact with the artists. The effects of their commitment and work are visible every day. It is incredibly uplifting, because the energy invested in action comes back doubled. One then gains something more. Something that has no physical form, but which will stay with us forever – an inner sense of fulfillment and awareness that one can influence the reality around us. 

This year’s edition “Visible/Invisible” presents artists who use art as a tool to initiate important social changes. These people, even though they play important roles in their communities, do not enjoy universal recognition and support, and often remain invisible to the rest of the world. Volunteers who get actively involved in festival work are very close to the title “Visible/Invisible” protagonists of this year’s edition. Seemingly invisible, with their positive energy and enthusiasm for work, they create the festival and exert considerable influence on its final shape. 



1. How can you become a volunteer at Brave Festival?

To apply for the post of the volunteer at BF one has to read the information below and send CV and motivation letter on wolontariat@bravefestival.pl. 

The next step is to successfully undergo the skype interview. Invitations for interviews will be sent by email. 

2. What is volunteering at the Brave Festival about?

During the Festival the volunteers will have the opportunity to engage in various tasks. Each of the volunteers shall be assigned, on the basis of their past experience and joint decision, specific responsibilities in one of the following departments, constituting the structure of volunteering at BF:

· Internal Office

· Festival Centre

· Festival Club

· Technical support

· Audience support

· Logistics

· Artists assistance

· Other organizational work

The Volunteer will work according to a fixed schedule, under the direction of the Coordinator. Detailed rules for the cooperation shall be specified in a separate agreement, concluded between the Volunteer and the the Song of the Goat Theatre Association and will be further discussed during meetings with the coordinators of particular departments.

3. When does volunteering initiative for BF begin and end?

The period of volunteer work depends on the department in which a volunteer works, but the majority of activities are held during perdiod of the Festival itself. Still, some of the volunteers will start their operations a week or a few weeks before the festival.

4. What are our expectations regarding the volunteers' work?

During the festival,  we use the assistance of more than a hundred volunteers. Every single volunteer  activity is extremely important and valuable for us. From the volunteers, above all, we expect engagement and responsible approach towards the assigned and accepted tasks.

5. What are the benefits of volunteering at BF?

Volunteering at BF not only gives you the opportunity to actively participate in this extraordinary event, but it also allows you to gain the skills and experience connected to its organization and course. For those who wish, we issue an official certificate confirming their volunteering at BF and including information on the scope of services they provided. Each volunteer also receives an ID card allowing them to attend the events included in the programme of the festival. Participation in these events is done in their free time and under certain conditions.

6.What does the organizer additionally provide?

The organizer provides the volunteers with accident insurance.
The volunteers cover travel, accommodation and food expenses themselves.

It is hard to imagine our festival without the helping hand of our volunteers!

We invite you to submit your application!